Spoken word depicting life experiences and lessons learned

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Gears Of War


Somewhere in America a pundit speaks, a news story repeats and a mothers heart ceases to beat.
She is frozen in fear
Fear for herself, fear for her children, fear for her future
In fear of a man

Somewhere in the world a solider bleeds
The IED has severed him at the knee
Medic!, medic! A child with a gun screams “it’s gonna be alright come on man just stay with me.”
He didn’t hear the explosions and can’t feel a thing
He is in shock and heaven is closer than he’s ever dared to dream
And at 19 years of age this child feels himself becoming a plaque on a wall and a memory

Somewhere in America a politician speaks
Talking points in hand He beats his drum playing the strings of a panicked constituency
Strumming on the emotions of the fearful, manipulating the minds of the weak inciting an entire people to act before they think
We must strike now he says, failure to do so will costs lives he says
Fight them there so they don’t come here he says
Think of your children he says
This as the government offers up more of them for sacrifice

Somewhere within the walls of an American home a father arms himself and fortifies his home, the tv is on
They are coming! He says with all of the righteous conviction of a man worthy of casting the first stone.
The terrorists are coming! They are coming I say. They hate our freedom, they hate our God, they hate our country and they hate our way he says.
He builds a fortress behind the walls of which he barricades himself and his family
And then behind prison walls he declares that they’ll never take his freedom.

Somewhere in the world a father holds his dying son. Until this day the strangers to his land we’re but a nuisance, maybe even welcome… at first. He didn’t like the devils the invaders came to kill anyway; Good for them he says. But the bloodshed is too much, too many innocent lives lost and for what? On this day a father holds his dying son, his wife, entombed in the rubble with his daughter, friends and cousins. Today was supposed to be a glorious day. Today was his daughters wedding day but now somewhere in the word a father holds his dying son, a family is torn and somewhere in the world vengeance is sworn.

Somewhere in America the footage is seen, of a man and his kin attending to the dying and deceased
Curses of America and incoherent wails, pain written on their faces, their hearts bleed out, coffins sealed by U.S. nails and American steel
A tragic accident we’re told
We gotta do what we gotta do we’re told
To protect me, to protect you we’re told
The same line used by the same powerful guys over an eternity of lifetimes and yet it never gets old

Somewhere a politician speaks on a deadly case of mistaken identity -the message-opps, our bad.

Somewhere in the world a man’s hatred boils over. All of his grief and all of his pain, all of his anger and all of his rage are channeled into this one thing; one last great deed. But, not before he teaches another to turn a stranger into his enemy.

Somewhere in the world where the cameras, country singers and glory is out of view a life is snuffed out with a flash and a boom

Somewhere in America a plane lands. The cargo aboard is supposedly the most precious of all; Tin cans draped in American flags
Somewhere in America a family grieves

Somewhere in America a hero enlists
Somewhere in TV land another insists…that his blood and his life is absolutely necessary

Somewhere in the world an enemy is made
Somewhere in the world an army is raised and another, prepares to invade
Somewhere in the world tensions run high and rivers… they run red
Somewhere in the world leaflets fall, televisions tell all, each side rallying behind their cause separate in belief but united in ignorance having learned nothing at all
Somewhere in the world the gears turn and it all begins again

– Aries

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Of Love (version 1)


As a child she knew it existed
Never would’ve guess that over time her experiences with it would be so twisted
Al Green sang beautiful songs about what is supposed to be such a beautiful thing
But her reality was cold as was her mother who never showed it and the first man to uttered it also soil it, violating her
For years the word bought her silence, access to her privates and even the bizarre  feeling that her upbringing and what this man passed off to this child as affection was ok
She thinks that this is love

Babies are aborted and secrets get out, late teen years spent prematurely giving out what was once taken when the lights in the room and moms eyes were turned out now she finds herself hanging on to men as if in some sick way she is trying to recreate what she had with him using her body as currency for company following the confused lesson of teacher and abuser that these things are synonyms for the real thing. That four letter word that also rhymes with fuck and in his mind and those guys too that’s all they were doing but it was just easier to let her believe the lie
Easy replies of I love you too were, after all the gate code to her thighs and the pleasure that lie inside but men are who they are and it wasn’t long before the deception was discarded and she was left alone, possibly pregnant and undoubtedly broken-hearted

it was to her great dismay when they’d just leave as if she were nothing more than a cheap ride and for a time she felt like nothing more than an amusement park thrill, children, pain lies and unanswered questions of why are her souvenirs
She did everything she was supposed to do, taught to do and now she wonders if she just isn’t good or good-looking enough or if she ever will be
She just wanted to be loved and she’ll do anything to be anything to him….or her

The passing years see her grow up and strong and her orbit moving far beyond those that meant her ill and caused her harm
Glad tidings of career successes and beautiful children adorn her life and as it seemed the darkness of her past has been replaced by a brilliant light
she has found a better understanding of self and an independence from the needs that she once felt
No more baby please stays, no more castle and prince dreams, no more tears and no more midnight screams
life is perfect…or so it seems

As a child she knew it existed
Never would she have guessed that her experiences with it would be so twisted
Al Green sang beautiful songs about what was supposed to be such a beautiful thing only now, to her it’s just a beautiful song with an imaginary theme

– Aries



Word Poor


I’ve started this same piece five times
Five times I’ve put my pride on the line in carefully crafted rhyme
Five times I’ve laid myself bare on the table
Five times I’ve bled out in colors of reds, blacks and blues stains and
five times I’ve grown frustrated and crumpled up the page

Five times I’ve tried to describe my love for you
Five times I’ve tried to orally sculpt you
Five times I’ve tried to properly introduce you
Five times I’ve attempted to display you in all of your glory to the world and
Five times I’ve sang off key my most heart felt songs

And then a thought
A universe of vocabulary will never be enough to put you into words nor to describe the desires of my heart.
So here I stand; Just this paper, my pen, a world of beautifully inadequate vocabulary and my futile use of it to make insufficient expressions


– Aries thoughts

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All I want..


I am but a man
Excited like a child
Illuminated with anticipation
Glowing like an expecting mother waiting on my lady thinking of creative ways to
smother her…in love
High on the thought of laying my eyes on heaven personified she is to me God’s most
glorious creation and for everyday that I have her I look to the sky in gratitude and
say thank you
To me she is all that a man could ask and everything that I need so please put the
brush down mr. painter she is the portrait of perfection to me.
When we’re close nothing matters around us; the ground disintegrates below us
and a world of worries passes away and then, it’s just us and a universe of all else
that matters which in all honesty equals she and I in a gloriously empty space in
which she becomes my star, the motivation for every love song and the spiritual
nourishment that keeps me strong
She is the woman that makes me want to be a better man
My all, my heart the reason for the season and the inspiration in no small part for
my art
All I want for Christmas…all I need is my babygirl
My daughter, the most beautiful part of me

– Aries Thoughts